Small Business Supplier Information Form for KC-45 Tanker Program

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The undernamed certifies that the above named company maintains a business classification as indicated below and that such classification is in accordance with all regulatory requirements related thereto. Further, it is understood and agreed that misrepresentation of the business classification is subject to penalties as prescribed in FAR 52.219.1.
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    If small is checked, check all of the following small business subcategories that apply:
       Certified Small Disadvantaged Business (please forward SBA certification letter)
       Small Disadvantaged Business (no SBA certification)
       HUB-zone Small Business (please forward SBA certification letter)
       Woman-owned Small Business
       Veteran-owned Small Business
       Service Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business
       HBCU/MI (Historically Black Colleges, Universities/Minority Institutions)
       Javitz Wagner O-Day Category
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    African American
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Please remember to include any SBA certifications with your data submittal. If required, FAX to 310-335-4251.